Cemetery business plan

Work is under way, in which the Friends are closely involved, to prepare a proper Business Plan for the Cemetery with the aim of eventually achieving financial self-sufficiency -- a challenging target, but important for the long term security of the Cemetery. The main source of the extra funding required will come from increased increased income from the funeral business, all to be balanced carefully with the wider public enjoyment of the Cemetery.

Commercial filming and photography

The Royal Parks have made popular backdrops for many feature films and television programmes.

Major Films Shot in Brompton Cemetery

2009    Sherlock Holmes
2006    Stormbreaker
2003    Johnny English
1997    The Wings of a Dove
1995    Golden Eye
1995    Jack and Sarah
1991    Afraid of the Dark
1971    SWALK (also known as Melody)
2014    An episode of Doctor Who was filmed and broadcast

Any filming, photography or audio recording that takes place in parks requires permission from The Royal Parks before it can go ahead and in most cases, will incur a fee.

Further details:

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