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When was it opened?

It opened in June 1840 when it was consecrated by the Bishop of London, Charles James Blomfield. Its founder was the architect, inventor and entrepreneur Stephen Geary. It is a working cemetery and one of the magnificent seven cemeteries.

When was the first burial and who was it?

Emma Shaw was the first person to be buried in the cemetery on 22nd June, 1840

How big is it?

It is 39 Acres (16 hectares) and lies between Old Brompton and Fulham Road on the western border of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

How do I get to it?

South Gate off Fulham Road, North Gate off Old Brompton Road

West Brompton – District Line (Wimbledon branch)
Earl’s Court – District and Piccadilly Lines

14, 74, 190, 211, 328, 414, 430, C1, C3 all operate near Brompton Cemetery

Parking is available on site for grave licence holders only.

What are the opening hours?

It is opened from dusk to dawn daily but closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day. For opening hours: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/brompton-cemetery/visitor-information

How many people are buried there?

About 205,000 people from all walks of life are buried in Brompton Cemetery, from the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst to military personnel and Chelsea Pensioners, artists, actors and founders of Chelsea Football Club. There are some 35,000 monuments of which 28 are Listed.

Can anyone be buried there?

Yes, to be buried there one must contact: Jay Roos, Cemetery Supervisor
Brompton Cemetery Chapel Office, Fulham Road, London, SW10 9UG
Phone 020 7352 1201 For further details: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/brompton-cemetery/burial-facilities

Are there services in the chapel?

The chapel can be used for funeral services and also be hired for other events. To hire the chapel or cemetery contact: Jay Roos, Cemetery Supervisor
Brompton Cemetery Chapel Office, Fulham Road, London, SW10 9UG
Phone 020 7352 1201 Email: bromptoncemetery@royalparks.gsi.gov.uk

Who do I contact for a funeral?

Jay Roos, Cemetery Supervisor, Brompton Cemetery Chapel Office, Fulham Road, London, SW10 9UG, Phone 020 7352 1201
Email: bromptoncemetery@royalparks.gsi.gov.uk

Are there tours of the cemetery?

Yes- Public tours are offered every Sunday from May to August, and on two Sundays each month from September to April. Tours begin at 14:00 from the South Lodge, just inside the Fulham Road entrance, and last about two hours. A donation of at least £6 per person contributes toward the work of the Friends. Details at – http://brompton-cemetery.org.uk/events-tours/

Do I have to book for a tour?

No, you can just turn up at the South Lodge before 2 pm and join a tour. Details at

Can people get into the catacombs?

Yes, but only on the Open Day which is held each year on the third Sunday of July. Tours start at Midday, but you need to book, so it is advisable to arrive as early as possible, so as not to be disappointed.

How many people are buried in the catacombs?

Although 500 places were sold when the catacombs first opened, many of them remain empty and the exact number of internments is not known although it is thought that there may be a few hundred people interred in the catacombs.

Who are the well-known figures buried in the cemetery and how do I find them?

There are many famous people buried in the cemetery and fifty notable personalities including Emmeline Pankhurst and John Wisden. Full details can be found at: http://brompton-cemetery.org.uk/notable-monuments/

Where was or is Long Wolf?

Chief Long Wolf was a Native American Chief who had originally come to England with Buffalo Bill’s show to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 50 year reign, however, on a later visit he died and was buried on the East side of the cemetery and there is a monument with a wolf on the tombstone which shows where he was buried. His remains were later removed and re-interred in the Dakota Hills in accordance with the First Peoples’ tradition.

What types of trees and plant life are in the cemetery?

Over 135 species of plant life have been recorded so far, and of these 30 were deliberately planted. and are a mixture of native, planted and naturalise plants. There are at least 50 different species of trees, including the well known London Plane and Yew or the more exotic such as the Deodar Cedar and Japanese Cherry

What sort of wildlife is around?

Wildlife and ecology are considered one of the most important aspects of the cemetery by the visitors and is very diverse. Walks and talks take place regularly and there are a number of insects and even beehives there are bats as well as foxes and squirrels are often visible when visiting.

How can I become involved in the cemetery?

There are many ways in which volunteers can contribute, and if this is of interest to you, please contact the Friends on 020 7351 1689 or by email on: aatait@btinternet.com You can become a member and or volunteer with The Friends of Brompton Cemetery see: http://brompton-cemetery.org.uk/the-friends/
The Friends of Brompton Cemetery is an independent organisation entirely reliant on the work of volunteers and is keen to recruit not only new members, but people with the time and energy to contribute actively to the well being and upkeep of the cemetery. This is especially important as the extensive developments arising out of the Heritage and Big Lottery Fund project rely heavily on volunteer work.

Are there many activities going on in the cemetery?

Yes there are a number of tours and events throughout the year and full details are at: http://brompton-cemetery.org.uk/events-tours/

How many different nationalities are buried in the cemetery?

We do not know for sure, but know that we have at least forty different nationalities interred in the cemetery.

Can I use the cemetery for dog walking?

Yes, but the dog must be on a lead at all times and be kept on the designated paths.

Who owns the cemetery?

This beautiful landscape is the only Cemetery in the country owned by the Crown and managed by The Royal Parks on behalf of the nation.
Brompton Cemetery, one of London’s Magnificent Seven historic cemeteries, is a magical place, combining historic monuments, trees and wildlife with the stories of the remarkable people buried here. It is designated Grade I on English Heritage’s Register of Parks and Gardens.

Can we use the cemetery and or chapel for events such as filming and who do I contact?

Yes. For Press ad Permits contact The Royal Parks on: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/press-and-media

What will the Heritage Lottery Fund money be spent on?

The conservation work aims to reflect the needs of a range of visitors and protect the wildlife, retaining the unique character of this historic Cemetery and will focus on the following but will continue to develop these and other aspects of the cemetery over the coming years:

  • Redevelopment of the North Lodge with information centre, shop, WCs and cafe
  • Restoration of the Chapel, Central Colonnades and Catacombs
  • Conservation of historic landscape, buildings and monuments
  • Wildlife conservation to maintain and improve existing habitats
  • Community engagement and access improvements
  • Volunteers helping to conserve and interpret the cemetery
  • Financial sustainability with enhanced visitor facilities and funerary business

How many people use the cemetery?

There are least 700,000 visits to the cemetery annually